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Teatime with Tucker


Introducing the CEBD

of Ann-Margaret's



I would like to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Tucker, and I am a Westie (West Highland Terrier). My parents are Ann-Margaret and John, and boy, am I crazy about them! You may be wondering just what "CEBD" stands for. Well, I am the "Chief Executive Bebe Dog" of Ann-Margaret's SpecialTea Shoppe. I am such a part of all that Ann-Margaret does so I thought it only proper and fitting for me to have a special title and a little "paw pull" with the business. It was not too difficult to talk her into seeing just what a great idea this was and just how beneficial I would be to the business. You may be wondering just what my responsibilities are. I think we are still negotiating the terms, but so far, I must say she is a good boss and allows me to express my thoughts on things she is adding to the "Pet Lover's Boutique" and allows me plenty of nap time. Aside from finding super fun and sassy items for the pet boutique, I try to give Ann-Margaret lots of love and support, as she stays busy doing everything from "A to Z" with the business.

One of my primary duties is hanging out at the window in our office.  I like to refer to it as my "pedestal"...not that I think of myself as "King of the house" or anything, but it is rather fitting!From my pedestal, I enjoy checking out all the other dogs that are walking along on the path below and watching the birds as they are playing about in the trees. My ears are so quick to pick up any new noise so it is my responsibility to alert Ann-Margaret (well, I call her "mommy") when the UPS or FedEx trucks arrive. Oh yes, my barking is way better than the doorbell! Who needs one of those when you have me! Our mornings usually get off to an early start (not my "cup 'o tea", as I like to sleep in). First things first...which means it is time for my breakfast. I have been trying out this new little trick with Ann-Margaret. It goes a little something like this...she fills my dish up with my breakfast, and I just kinda look at it. Later on I get her attention by scratching on her leg while she is working at her desk, and she thinks I must be hungry or need to go out. Well, as soon as we make it to the kitchen, I head over to my bowl. At this time she realizes I have not even eaten my breakfast and offers me a kibble or two. Then, she feeds me right out of her hand! This was great! However, she soon picked up on my little trick and decided she better not spoil me any more than I already am so, now it's back to eating straight from the bowl! It was worth a try!

Occasionally, I do get into a bit of mischief. I like to help Ann-Margaret with the laundry; ok, it's my idea of "helping"! It's such fun to hide one sock and then enjoy watching her hunt for the other one. Oh, she always finds it, as she has gotten pretty good about identifying my favorite hiding spots. Needless to say, when this occurs, I just like to hang my head to show how sorry I am. Works like a charm! She is loving on me in no time! I like to keep her on her toes but also make sure she takes a break all along, too. There is just not a better way to take a break than taking time to love on me a little !

Sometimes I like to get dressed up for my role as "CEBD".  Believe me, Ann-Margaret has found some pretty snazzy outfits for me (Some of which I absolutely refuse to model!).  I personally think she seems to take me more seriously when I am in my executive attire.Now, I like this hat, but really, couldn't she have found one with a blue or red band around it?! This "pink stuff" has really got to go where I am concerned! Must make a mental note to discuss this with her. I must say that I do love the cute terrycloth bath robe that she found. It even has a yellow duckie on the back! Of course, I am the chosen model for this cute item. I don't mind though because I am usually a little chilled after my bath, and this will be perfect to keep me warm and cozy. Hmm...this will make a perfect gift for my furry friends and yours, too! I just wonder if my cousin, Maggie, who is a German Shepherd, would like one. Now, how cute would that be?!

I guess I better scoot for now since Ann-Margaret needs the computer, and it is about time for my nap. Then, it is back to work for me, as I look for more neat items to add to the "Pet Lover's Boutique". I have so many neat ideas and plan to chat all along on "Teatime with Ann-Margaret" so check back often to see what I will be into next!