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Tuesdays with Tucker (the Westie)...A Little Thanksgiving Decor with Some Sassy Scarecrows

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

tucker hiding head in shame2.jpg

Thank you!!  I really have been working hard!  With the holidays upon us, I have had more jobs added to my plate than one pup really needs!  I mean.PL..eazzzze!!! ~ My mom seems to think I am her personal little ELF!!! Ok, I knowIm just as cute as one so I guess I should take it as a compliment!

Speaking of holidayswell, are you ready for Thanksgiving??  I LOVE turkeynot that I get to eat it because I do have a special food Im supposed to eat.  But, let me just tell you that my turkey infatuation began back in Germany!  As you may remember, thats where my parents adopted me, and that year was the first year for my mom to try cooking a turkey!  We even have a picture somewhere of her pulling that big bird out of the oven!  UmmUmmUmmit smelled soooo good! Oh, goodnessback to the pointIm about to get a wee bit sidetracked!!  So, are you cooking a turkey, side dishes, or a little of it all?  Whats your favorite Thanksgiving treat?

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