Meet Ann-Margaret

If you have already been strolling through my online shoppe, you have probably learned a little about me. I always want your shopping experience with me to be as personable as possible so pour yourself a cup of tea and read on to learn a little more about this "tea lady".

Well, if you have read "How it All Began", you now know how Ann-Margaret's SpecialTea Shoppe came to be so maybe I should tell you a little about "Ann-Margaret".  I have always had a passion for the elderly.  I believe that passion stemmed from my relationship with my great-grandmother, Mamie.  I loved spending time with her and continued to love visiting with her when she was in the nursing home.  I think those visits to the nursing home to see her when I was just a little girl were the moments that helped me to always feel comfortable with the elderly and enjoy being in their presence.  After deciding to major in social work, my heart led me to work with the elderly, and I had the opportunity to serve as the director of social services in a few nursing facilities and also as the manager of an Alzheimer unit.  Often feeling frustrated that I could not do more and do the things that my heart led me to do, I decided to take a break from that field and began to explore the ideas that had been dancing around in my head about owning my own business.  I had the joy of visiting a few tea rooms and loved what they symbolized...slowing down and enjoying time with those we love.  I remember looking at a lady one day that owned a tea room, telling her how I would love to one day open my own.  A few years later I was blessed to be living that dream. 

I am married to an exceptional man...not only is he the greatest husband, but he is also my best friend.  John has taught me so much (and, we've learned alot together) and is so supportive of all of the creative ideas that are constantly popping into my head.  About 10 years ago I looked up to find him smiling down at me, and well, I've been "hooked" ever since!  He must have done something right, as it can be a bit difficult to get us southern girls to leave our roots behind, and I did just that when we made our home in Germany and later in Kuwait. Living overseas has taught me so much, opening my eyes in more ways than I could have ever imagined.  Although I feel blessed to have experienced life in different countries and have made wonderful friends along those journeys, this southern girl always loves to be a bit closer to home! 

Along with my passion for tea, special teatimes, and unique treasures, my desire is to create a shoppe that will encourage you to enjoy the simple things in life.  I hope my online shoppe with be the place where you may find gifts that are just perfect for those that are special to you and remind you just how much fun it is to maybe even surprise someone that will not be expecting it.  I have always been one to love the "little things" in life...whether it is a sweet card from a friend, a special gift that reminds me of the person that gave it to me each time I pass by it or just sharing a cup of tea with someone dear to me. It is these little "life moments", as I like to call them, that lift my spirits on days when maybe my mind runneth over with the normal stress and thoughts of everyday life. I love surprising people in my life with these "little things", and when we first opened the tea room I knew I wanted to have the kind of gifts that would be perfect for others to share with friends and family.  Of course, that is exactly the same foundation I wanted to follow when I opened this online shoppe.  Whether you are looking for a "just because" surprise, a birthday treasure, or a gift for a special occasion, I hope you will have fun shopping with me.  My shoppe is filled with items from my signature line, and I create each and every one.  My designs are inspired by things I love, my photography, and thoughts from my heart so you are truly receiving a little piece of my heart when you shop with me.   Now, I also love to shop and feel that it can sometimes be, quite simply...therapeutic.  Therefore, I strongly encourage you to treat yourself to surprises, too!

I love cute quotes and messages of inspiration so my office is adorned with "inspiration boards".  Just what gives me inspiration?  Well, I love reading over sweet notes from friends, quotes full of hope and encouragement, those cute little sayings that just make you ponder a bit, and lots of favorite photos!  And, of course, Tucker is usually by my side encouraging my creativity! So, grab a cute board, and make your own "inspiration board"! I promise you will love reading your favorite sweet little tidbits over and over again as you pass by your board...and, you will soon run out of space and need another one! Ok, I confess...I think I have about 4 in my office now! I hope my shoppe and blog will serve as somewhat of an "inspiration board" to you...whether you are looking for inspiration for something cute to add to your home decor or an inspiring gift for a friend, I hope your cup will runneth over with ideas as you peruse through my online shoppe and as you read about each creation, I hope you will feel as though I am right there shopping with you! I definitely miss getting to chat with my customers in person as I did at the tea room! And, if you prefer to chat about your order, always feel free to give me a call, and I will be happy to assist you! those you love and most of yourself!

Tucker's thought for the day: "A dog wags its tail with its heart!"

Please feel free to contact me via email at or via phone at 1.877.SPCIALT (772.4258)