Ann~Margaret's Whim~si~cal~i~TeaTM Note cards

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I love finding the surprise of a pretty note card in my mailbox!  Handwritten notes are not a thing of the past...yes, we often get busy and find it easier to send a text message or an email to a friend or loved one.  However, everyone loves to be remembered or thought of and sending a personal note to a friend, family member, or new acquaintance is the perfect way to show that you want to take time to do something a little "extra" for that person.  "Ann~Margaret's Whim~si~cal~i~TeasTM" also includes an assortment of note cards.  These note card sets are perfect for the new bride, a friend's birthday, or just a sweet little something to add in with a special gift.  I am happy to personalize the note cards so you are sure to give a truly unique and special gift!  I am in the process of adding new designs.  Many of these sets coordinate with the pendants from my "Ann~Margaret's Whim~si~cal~i~TeasTM" jewelry line.  Choose from monogrammed notes, whimsical creations, elegant designs, and so much more!